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What Is In Green Tea? And Why You Can Benefit From Drinking It Daily

Drinking green tea on daily basis can benefit your health

Did you know that after water, tea is the most favoured beverage in the world? Hardly surprising as it’s consumed in many different parts of the world within various cultures as green, black, white, pu-ehr and oolong tea.  Among all of these teas, however, the most compelling and significant effects on our health have been the studies into the consumption of green tea.

From tales of legends and the travelling of the seven seas; to meditating monks and botanist spies; to tales of smuggling and revolution, the history on tea is one that is an epic journey steeped in adventure and intrigue. 

Are you trying to cut down on your caffeine, alcohol or artificial sugary drinks intake? Are you looking for a healthier alternative to replace those liquids besides water? Herbal teas could be your answer. The popularity of the drink has seen a recent increasing trend in the West as people are becoming more health conscious.

Whether you’re blending herbal tea for healing purposes or as a refreshing beverage, the process is quite similar. The only big difference is when blending for healing purposes, the vessel or pot should be covered as much as possible to draw out the medicinal and beneficial properties of the herbs. Another difference is the time it takes to make it.

It’s considered one of the world’s most oldest and valued healing plants that dates back to the ancient Egyptians – but how is Chamomile tea good for you today? In this article, I will explore the brief history, nature and benefits of this popular herb that has earned the nickname “The All-Around Comforter”.

The practice of this age old custom dates back almost 3000 years ago to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonian times, where it was used for both a refreshing drink and for medicinal purposes. The Greeks, the Romans and ancient Chinese also used it for its obvious health benefits and the trend still continues today.

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