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Herbal Tea Remedies: Stress


Our bodies are designed to handle, and sometimes thrive on, brief periods of stress from time to time. However, too much of it isn’t good for either mind, body or soul!


Whether its been stuck in a traffic jam, or your boss not giving you credit at work, or struggling with economic depression, drinking and blending herbal teas can help soothe those irritable moments that we all experience at some point. And it’s one of the easiest and most natural methods for treating stress and anxiety.

So if you’re pulling your hair out or biting your nails to the bones, try these herbal blends to redeem your sense of sanity!….




Known as the “anti-stress herb”, it has a soothing and relaxing action and is a great all rounder in stress relief. Can ease internal stress, nervousness, soothes digestive problems, stops internal spasms, can help in eliminating indigestion, heartburn and gas.



Known as the “all around comforter”, it has a natural sedative that calms the central nervous system and can soothe those frayed nerves! Can help in relieving stomach aches, menstrual cramps and healing minor wounds.



Known as the “king of tonics”, it is a powerful antidote to stress and has the ability to keep the balance in the body when a stressful situation arises. Also a popular remedy for fighting exhaustion, depression and increasing mental ability.


Kava Kava

Known as the “mood adjuster”, it is a mild sedative that brings about a sense of tranquility that doesn’t lead to any loss in concentration or change in motor reflexes. It helps to relax the muscles and ease stress and tensions away.



Known as “the soother”, it has a tonic effect on the adrenal gland (which produces numerous hormones that affect our ability to cope with stress). Also good for allergies, asthma and indigestion.



Known as the “marvel of menthol”, a herbal blend of peppermint tea can soothe you all over and has been used in the past to calm heart palpitations and treat hysteria and nervousness.



Known as “nature’s tranquilizer”, this herb is a natural sedative and anxiety healer and can help sooth the brain and nervous system (but shouldn’t be taken with sleep-inducing drugs as it will enhance their effect). Also used to strengthen the eyesight and in the past used to treat hysteria and epilepsy.



Known as the “nerve tonic”, it is a natural sedative to your nervous system and can  help calm you down and increase your ability to withstand stress. It also has aphrodisiac properties that can ease anxiety, depression and irritability.


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  1. ManYee

    I found your remedies for stress very informative, particularly your kava Kava tea; I have just tried it as I am going through a very stressful time with exam’s it was a great help to calm me down. Do you have remedies for gas?

    • Teresa M

      So glad you found my site useful and benefiting to your particular stressful problem Man Yee! As for gas, may be you could try Peppermint tea which has anti-spasmodic properties and is great for digestion! Or perhaps Anise or Fennel may help. Hope it all goes well with your exams!

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