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EMF Radiation Health Effects – 10 Symptoms Of EMF Stress

Studies have proven that EMF radiation health effects are a serious concern – and it really is no surprise that concerns about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are being raised more frequently now that more and more people are realising the value of leading a toxin-free life.

EMFs are also known as “electrosmog,” which basically refers to all artificial electromagnetic radiation in our environment.

EMFs can be classified as either ionizing or non-ionizing.

Computers, Bluetooth devices, cell phones, wireless networks (WiFi), iPads, microwaves, smart meters, power lines,  ultrasounds, and MRIs are examples of non-ionizing EMFs.

Gamma rays, X-rays, and UV rays are examples of ionizing EMFs.

Non-ionizing EMFs in the radiofrequency range have been labelled as ‘potential human carcinogens’ by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Electronic gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and cellphones create these fields.

Today’s reality includes things like powerlines, WiFi, 5G satellites, and cellphones. EMFs are more prevalent than ever in our daily lives.

And they are having a startling impact on our health.


Why Does EMF Radiation Harm Us?

The truth is… Our bodies are electrically powered. Although you probably don’t consider it that way, it’s true.

Your neurons exchange electrical signals, which your brain interprets as messages. Electricity is also used by your heart, muscles, and organs.

Chemicals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium—all of which have an electrical charge—provide the electricity for your body.

Electricity also vibrates at various frequencies. and your body, as well as your laptop, cell phone, and refrigerator, fit this description.

Every organ and cell in your body is physically emitting electrical “vibrations.”

What happens then when there are opposing charges and vibrations present around us 24/7?

When your body has to fight electrical impulses all around you, it’s easy for signals to get crossed. It causes stress at a cellular level. Cellular damage is brought on by EMF radiation. Your body’s DNA gets older as a result of the oxidative damage it causes.

Your hormones are affected, including the stress hormone cortisol, the sleep hormone melatonin, testosterone, and estrogen.

Additionally, it messes with your brain’s electrical activity, which results in fatigue, mood issues, and cognitive fog. When you understand how the body functions, it makes sense why so many chronic illnesses are prevalent today.

Children are particularly sensitive to EMFs because of their small size and fast growing brain system. Because of this, France banned WiFi in nursery and elementary schools in 2018.


radiation health effects - sleep

Radiation Health Effects – 10 Symptoms Of EMF Exposure

  1.  Sleep Disturbances including Insomnia
  2.  Headache
  3.  Irritability
  4.  Depression & Anxiety
  5.  Tiredness & Fatigue
  6.  Loss of Appetite & Weight Loss
  7.  Lack of concentration & Brain Fog
  8.  Dizziness
  9.  Nausea
  10.  Dysesthesia (a painful, often itchy sensation that can affect any part of the body)


How To Protect Yourself From EMF Exposure?

Thankfully there is a way to protect yourself and your family and one of the simplest, natural, holistic (and trendiest) ways is by wearing an EMF protection pendant that can shield you from EMFs. A pendant with an EMF is exactly what it sounds like. In essence, it’s a necklace with a pendant at the end, but instead of just being for show, it actually absorbs EMF fields.

The pendant is a tiny, cutting-edge technological device made from Japanese technology and created to balance energy waves all over your body.

10,000 negative ions, 36 minerals, and a layer of black tourmaline are all present in its central layer, which is enclosed between stainless steel plates. The black tourmaline is the “magic” that generates the 10,000 negative ions that help to balance your personal electric field.

People who wear the necklace report experiencing almost immediate symptom relief as well as an improvement in their physical and mental wellness.

Wherever you travel, around the clock, the pendant necklace will protect your body from the harmful effects of these EMFs.


Are you aware of the dangers of radiation health effects on your body? Would you reduce your use of these smart technologies if you knew what impact it had on you? Do you know someone that protects themselves from this exposure? I hope you enjoyed the read and if you liked it, please share it!

Peace be with you


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EMF Radiation Health Effects - 10 Symptoms Of EMF Stress
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EMF Radiation Health Effects - 10 Symptoms Of EMF Stress
Studies have proven that EMF radiation health effects are a serious concern. Today's reality includes things like powerlines, WiFi, 5G satellites, and cellphones. EMFs are more prevalent than ever in our daily lives. And they are having a startling impact on our health.
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  1. Kayamba


    Thank so much for this post. And I would like to add that apart from using EMF protection pendant, we can also reduce EMF radiation exposure in our homes by using battery-powered alarm clocks, locating beds at least 10 feet away from the main electric panel or subpanels, Removing electrical cords and surge protectors from under the bed and push these point sources farther away from your body at work, and using a hard-wired router instead of Wi-Fi.

    Thank again Teressa!

    • Teresa M

      Hey Kayamba

      You’re most welcome! Excellent additional tips! Thanks for your comments and positive vibes.

      peace & blessings


  2. Canty

    Teresa, your article “EMF Radiation Health Effects – 10 Symptoms Of EMF Stress” was a very informative read! Although I have come across direct segments of this topic, this is the first time a potential solution was offered. In addition, it have rarely seen any comments offering a explanation on the effects of EMF.  

  3. Lizzy Stabel

    Wow, I didn’t know that EMF radiation could cause all these horrible symptoms, but that would explain a lot though in my case. Headaches, dizziness, insomnia, etc.. Maybe it would be better to turn off my wifi at night, or isn’t that enough to protect me from harm? Thank you for these insights!

    • Teresa M

      Hey Lizzy

      You’re most welcome! Switching off wi-fi at night is a great start to reducing radiation as that was the first thing I started doing when I realised those mysterious headaches and tiredness I used to feel!

      peace & blessings


  4. Bethel

    Thank you for sharing this vital information concerning our health. This is a topic that everyone has to be aware of and find ways to reduce exposing the body to this harmful radiation but many are ignorant. Every day many people expose themselves through excessive use of phones, tablets and laptops. This harmful ray is no doubt one of the factors contributing to the high prevalence of cancer and other terminal ailment. 

    I will share this article with friends and family. Everyone needs to be aware.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Bethel

      you’re most welcome! I’m so glad you found the post useful.

      peace & blessings


  5. Marisa

    Hi Teresa, this is an interesting read. I´m aware of the radiation from all the devices we use. I like the idea of the pendant. Do you know if you have to wear it, or you can keep it next to you when working on the computer or using the phone?

    • Teresa M

      Hi Marisa

      Thanks for stopping by! I believe it will work as long as you have the pendant near you. So whether it’s on a table when you work or even in your pocket when you exercise. Hope that helps!

      Peace & blessings


  6. Anastazja

    This is both and interesting and a disturbing article.  I would imagine that today EMF is everywhere.  My son won a provincial science fair many years ago demonstrating the affects of emf’s with a battery operated watch.  He had people do simple strength tests with a watch on and off.  The results were amazing.  Thanks for the list of symptoms.  It will help with awareness.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Anastazja

      Congratulations to your son! 

      Yes the list of symptoms makes you really think about why you are feeling the way you’re feeling at times – I know at times I have really severe migraines and feelings of tiredness which happen unexpectedly!

      Peace & blessings


  7. pasindu dimanka

    This is really a very valuable post. Because this EMF Radiation Health effect is something that can happen to everyone today. I also have headaches a lot of the time. In this post, you have shown it in good detail. Not only that, the EMF Protection Pendant has been introduced to protect against radiation. I think it’s very important for today’s society. Thanks so much for posting like this. Keep posting like this.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Pasindu

      you’re most welcome! Unfortunately our world is filled with so much EMFs – partly our demand for faster internet connection and better technology has really pushed this further. It’s about balance and moderation and even if we can’t avoid all this ‘electrosmog’ there are ways to protect youself from it.

      Thanks for visiting – peace & blessings


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