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Herbal Tea Remedies: Weight Loss/Control


When we are constantly bombarded in the media with either images of celebrities looking slim and toned after being on the latest weight loss program. Or by increasing popular TV shows telling us what to eat and what to avoid, it is only natural that we respond to what is now considered a phenomenal social habit.

I must drop another few pounds!
I must drop another few pounds!

Most of us cringe when we hear that four lettered word….D-I-E-T !

We can spend ridiculous amounts of money and time on the newest hype in weight loss diets, pills, supplements, books and videos that make big promises in radically reducing your weight in the shortest amount of time. And some have even considered surgery just to lose those few inches!

The best way to avoid these sometimes over-rated gimmicks is to go the natural way. There are a number of herbal blends that can help with weight loss/control but shouldn’t be relied on solely to achieve this. The best results are combined with regular exercise and a balanced diet.



Known as the “herbal thoroughbred”, it has a natural diuretic (increased urine excretion) and laxative property to ease water retention, regulate the digestive system and keep your intestinal tract in a better condition. Also good for blood clotting and liver vitality due to its Vitamin K levels.



Known as the “spice for blends”, it has a warm, sweet and calming action that can be used to stabilize and regulate blood sugar in slowing the absorption of food so that you feel fuller for longer. It can help to normalize the burning and digestion of fat. It has natural antiseptic properties and can aid in digestion, fight bacteria, viruses and yeast infections.




Known as the “little plant that roars”, it has natural diuretic and laxative properties to remove water and food weight before digestion begins and help your body reduce the feeling of feeling bloated. It is also a beneficial aid for digestion and is a mild laxative which may help in bowel movements to become more regular.



Known as the “hot root”, it can stimulate the salivary glands, digestive enzymes for proteins and fats and can increase metabolic heat to burn calories. Due to its anti-spasmodic properties, it has been shown to improve digestion which is essential for weight control. Ginger’s uses extends to treating morning/motion sickness and to relieve the effects of cold temperatures so is ideal for arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis and gout.


Green Tea

Despite not being classed as a herbal tea (as its leaves come from the actual tea plant ‘camellia sinensis’), Green Tea has had the most extensive research carried out that has been proven to be very effective in weight loss. This is due to the ‘polyphenol’ component which is responsible for its slimming effects. It also contains caffeine which gives the drink its stimulant effects and can increase metabolism which helps to burn fat and calories. It is these reasons why the ingredients in Green Tea are widely used in popular diet pills.


Guarana nuts


Guarana’s main ingredient is ‘guaranine’ which is identical to caffeine. It can act as a stimulant to accelerate body functions such as increasing the heart rate, digestion and respiration due to its caffeine content. It is also a diuretic and can stimulate the nervous system and helps you fight depression and cope with stress, thus it may help you to avoid ’emotional eating’ which is one of the main causes of weight gain.


Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii is known as a natural appetite suppressor and has been used for centuries by South African Khoisan herders to endure long periods without food or water, whilst hunting and gathering. It contains the active ingredient, known as P57 which is responsible for appetite suppression that can “trick” the mind in thinking the stomach is full so you’re not tempting to snack as much.


Papaya (aka Paw Paw)

Known as the “digestive regulator”, it is as the name suggests great for digestive complaints. Weight problems are often associated with digestive disorders, gastro-intestinal issues and constipation. Therefore a healthy gastro-intestinal system is the best way to regulate your weight as everything functions better when body waste is stabilized.


Ginseng Root

Siberian Ginseng

Known as the “king of tonics”, it is a popular herb to use for its ability to stabilize blood sugar levels thus reducing the desire to eat sugar and sweets. It can stimulate the nervous system and act on the pituitary and adrenal glands to give you stamina and help combat fatigue. An increase in stamina means you can work out for longer without feeling tired! Also used to treat nervous disorders, exhaustion, strengthen organs, increases mental ability and a powerful anti-dote to stress and problems with aging.


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This website is for educational and informational purposes only. The publisher/owner of is not legally liable for your use of the information which is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner or medical herbalist before self-administering herbs.

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  1. ches

    I’ve been on the intermittent fasting regime for over a month now and I am always looking for alternatives to drink during the fasting period of this diet.
    This post has given me some great ideas. Hoodia Gordonii would seem an excellent herbal tea for my needs and I will be searching it out in my local supermarket.
    Otherwise, I presume we can buy it off the web. Thanks for all your work in supplying this information. Great site by the way!

    • Teresa M

      Hi Ches

      Thanks for visiting. It’s interesting to know that you are trying intermittent fasting and it has been scientifically proven to work to control weight. The plants mentioned in the post are great natural ways to help control weight but the best results are always achieved by personal effort – regular exercise and a healthy balanced diet.

      I will be adding the mentioned plants in My Shop in the near future. Hope you are able stop by soon to check them out.

  2. Dave

    I realized that a lot of these supplements are diuretics or laxatives. Is it going to be a problem if you’re losing water quickly, all the time? I have tried green tea and ginger, for anti-inflammatory purposes and to help boost metabolism. The others, I might be willing to give them a try.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Dave

      A lot of supplements on the market contain only one active plant ingredient but these are often isolated or extracted which can be very potent. The beauty of using just the plant itself is that all the active compounds or constituents work better and are far more effective when working together, than being isolated. 

      Sometimes different active constituents within the plant offer different benefits to maintain a good balance. For example, synthetic diuretics are prescribed to those who have trouble passing urine – but these seriously reduces potassium levels in the body. Dandelion leaves are a potent diuretic but also contain potassium to naturally replace what is lost.

      Thanks for looking around.

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