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8 Tried & Tested Natural Sleep Remedies That Work


Are you finding it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep? I know I do. The good news is you’re not alone. The bad news is nearly a third of the UK’s population suffers from sleep deprivation. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to get you off to the land of nod, I have put together a list of tried and tested natural sleep remedies that have worked for me over the past couple of years.


8  Tried & Tested Natural Sleep Remedies That Work

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Sleep Deprivation On The Rise

Sleep deprivation on the rise - The ever-increasing usage of smart-phones; iPad’s and tablets; an accumulation of diets rich in processed sugars, flours and fats along with farming methods that is full of pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s. Mix in sedentary and stressful lifestyles and pollutants in the environment – it’s not surprising that a vast majority of us can’t sleep.Sleep is the most essential and basic of human functions that helps our bodies and mind recover in order to function and battle another day.

The ever increasing usage of smart-devices; iPad’s and tablets; an accumulation of diets rich in processed sugars, flours and fats along with farming methods that is full of pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s. Mix in sedentary and stressful lifestyles and pollutants in the environment – it’s not surprising that a vast majority of us can’t sleep.

What used to be my place of sanctuary, peace and relaxation became a place of dreaded tossing and turning – my body was physically tired but my mind was racing and couldn’t switch off.

My main reason for developing insomnia started when I pregnant.

Frequent trips to the toilet through the night along with heartburn kept me up from the third trimester. After my son was born, the broken sleep continued with nightly breast-feeds, crying, itching (because of his eczema). I just had a child that wouldn’t sleep more than three hours before waking up! I scoff at the phrase “sleep like a baby!”

Then the potty training started at age two, waking up for the toilet through the night, or waking up for a drink or because he was itchy – whatever the reason, I was always woken up! He is nearly five and thankfully sleeping a bit better and longer but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t still have the odd night where he would wake me up!


Lack Of Sleep – The Negative Effects It Can Have On You

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is how I felt like after 5 years of broken sleep!
Image credit:

Regular sleep deprivation can have a startling impact on your health including:

  • high blood pressure
  • weakened immune system
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • decreases fertility
  • decreases sex drive

From my personal experience, I know that a constant lack of sleep also affects you mentally, fogs the brain and makes it incredibly hard to concentrate and focus. In my case, I found it difficult to concentrate whilst I was driving. Dangerous and risky especially with a little one on tow.

I struggled to remember certain conversations I had with family and friends and found it difficult to think clearly and react quickly in certain situations.

It also made me extremely irritable, snappy, moody and generally not a nice person to be around. Think Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and you can begin to understand what happens when your sleep is broken almost every night for five years!

In my haze of fuzziness and tiredness, I felt constantly zapped and had zero energy. I found myself yawning through most parts of the day and a battle to entertain and play with my son. This had a profound effect on me especially as it was his stage of growing, learning and developing. Something had to be done.

Being the all-natural and organic addict that I am, I began my research into sleep deprivation with natural and chemical-free ways to combat it. Through trial and error, some have worked and some haven’t and below is a list that have worked for me.


8 Natural Sleep Remedies That Work – Tried and Tested

1. Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa)

Chock full of healing and therapeutic goodness, Black Seed is the only plant on the face of the earth which has had the highest number of studies carried out by a large number of modern scientists. Over 500 university and laboratory studies conducted since 1959 have confirmed the positive effectiveness and traditional uses of this powerful little seed.


Black Seed flower - Research reveals that Black Seed oil can help eliminate sleep disorders and according to different studies, it seems the plant can affect the nervous system and related diseases.

Problems with sleep can be due to psychological causes or by an over-stimulation of the nerves. Research reveals that Black Seed oil can help eliminate sleep disorders and according to different studies, it seems the plant can affect the nervous system and related diseases. [Source]

I was taking a spoonful of the oil with honey an hour before bed and within two weeks, I noticed I was falling asleep more quickly than before and that was after taking the MILD strength oil. For something that is herbal and natural, I was really surprised at how quickly it started to work. 

My sleep is also much deeper which means I’m having dreams again that are actually quite vivid and surreal! 


2. Turmeric Golden Milk

I found drinking this before bed really helped to warm and soothe my body before entering the land of nod. The drink is primarily made with the age-old cooking spice, Turmeric, which has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Add the milk, honey, black pepper and coconut oil and you have yourself a powerhouse healing blend that helps to relax you and boost the immune system whilst you sleep.

It’s main active plant chemical is ‘curcumin’ (which gives the spice its vibrant golden hue) and has been known to protect the liver, stimulate the gallbladder and scavenges free radicals. Plus, it can help ease digestion and lower blood sugar levels which leads to a better night sleep.


3. Herbal Sleep Tea

Herbal Sleep Tea - Chamomile, Lemon Balm, Valerian and Lavender all have calming, soothing and sedative actions.At times when I’ve been plodding away researching and writing my articles at night, I love to make myself a herbal sleep tea and sip away whilst I do my work.

The hours of staring and working at the computer can take a strain on the eyes and the mind, so this blend works a treat. I usually use dried herbs so I can adapt and control how much I put in.

  • ½ teaspoon Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis (Roman); Matricaria recutita (German)
  • ½ teaspoon Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)
  • ½ teaspoon Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis
  • ¼ teaspoon Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Add all the herbs into a strainer (I love using these silicone teabag ones as you can fit a nice amount of dried herbs/tea leaves in them and they’re non-toxic too), add hot water, cover and infuse for 10-15 minutes. 

All the herbs are notorious for their calming, soothing and sedative properties. 

A chemical found in Chamomile called ‘apigenin’ helps calm the nervous system and can help soothe frayed nerves before bedtime and make it easier to drift off to sleep.

Valerian is also known as ‘nature’s tranquillizer’ and contains sedative and anxiety actions that can help soothe the brain and nervous system. (CAUTION should not be taken with sleep-inducing drugs as it can enhance their effect). It’s nicknamed ‘Phu’ due to its incredibly strong and unpleasant smell!

Lemon Balm is nicknamed ‘the nerve balm’ and is often used to treat anxiety and stress – both of which are the main culprits of restless sleep. It is well known as a sedative and anti-anxiety herb that works well when combined with Valerian.

The aroma from Lavender has been highly treasured for its use in calming the central nervous system. (see Remedy #7)


4. Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

This is a great yoga pose that is both relaxing and calming. It’s exactly what is as described – legs propped up a wall, (with your bottom as close to the wall) for a good 10-15 minutes before bed. Our legs take the strain of our body weight throughout the day and elevating them above the heart for a short period of time has many benefits including:

  • helps calm the nervous system
  • helps blood and lymph circulation
  • improves digestion
  • relieves lower back tension
  • helps to quiet the mind

Because of this type of pose, it’s also hard to use your smart devices, which leads to my next remedy.


5. No Smart Devices An Hour Before Bed

No smart devices an hour before bed can definitely help with improving your sleep and better for your health in the long run.With our age of technology, we have literally become surgically attached to our devices – day and night. We have become a nation of smart-device junkies. And this is having a startling impact on our health.

There have been tons of studies into the effects of using smart devices before bed and the negative effects it has on sleep, which in some studies, can lead to depression and anxiety. [Source 1,2,3,4,5]

The blue light emitted from the screens of the devices disrupts ‘melatonin’ – a hormone that affects your body’s internal clock (a.k.a your circadian rhythm). This blue light keeps the brain stimulated and alert thus making it harder to fall asleep. 

Whether its checking your emails, checking the weather or checking your latest bid on Ebay, no smart devices an hour before bed can definitely help with improving your sleep and better for your health in the long run.


6. Bathe In Magnesium Bath Salts

Epsom Bath Salts - Although they’re not actual salts but made of naturally occurring minerals of magnesium and sulfate, both of which can benefit and improve your health in many ways.I must admit I’m not a great fan of soaking in the bath. I get too hot, my hands and feet start to ache and throb and within 10 minutes, I’m climbing out. 

But in my quest to find healthier alternatives for a better night’s sleep, I’ve discovered magnesium bath salts or Epsom salts. Although they’re not actual salts but made of naturally occurring minerals of magnesium and sulfate, both of which can benefit and improve your health in many ways.

Dubbed “the original chill pill” in Psychology Today, it’s essentially an anti-stress mineral that can help :

  • regulate blood sugar levels
  • eliminate toxins
  • help nerves and muscle function properly.
  • reduce inflammation
  • ease muscle ache and joint pain
  • improve sleep
  • alleviate PMS and hormonal migraines in women
  • reduce stress [Source]

Even after a short 10 minute soak, my body felt relaxed, my skin noticeably smoother and my mind calmer with fewer intrusive thoughts. Being a victim of a racing mind, having a calmer mind definitely helped me to fall asleep more quicker.

If you haven’t tried soaking in bath salts before, I urge you to. Forget thinking it’s something associated with your gran’s bathroom shelf – and even if you do, she obviously knew the benefits of using it!


7. Lavender Oil On The Pillow

Lavender is also known as ‘the herb of harmony’ and has a reputation of being a mild tranquillizer. The aroma from the plant comes from the airborne molecules called ‘linalyl esthers’ which are the oils that stimulate the olfactory nerve in the brain. 

With its sedative and relaxant properties, I love getting whiffs of this on my pillow. The soothing scent helps to calm the mind, body and central nervous system and aid in restful sleep. Due to the anti-spasmodic actions, it’s also commonly used to ease anxiety, tension, headaches and dizziness. 


Bach's RESCUE Night Remedy - helps switch the mind off from unwanted repetitive thoughts.8. Bach’s RESCUE Night Spray

Created by physician and homeopath, Dr Edward Bach who developed a complete system of plant and flower-based essences in the 1930’s.

A firm believer that medicine should treat the individual rather than symptoms of disease, he developed 38 flower remedies, each prepared from the flowers of wild plants, trees or bushes that are safe and gentle to use. They work specifically on the emotional aspect of the person concerned, by transforming negative attitudes to positive attitudes.

The spray is a unique combination of the famous five Bach Original Flower Essences (Rock Rose; Impatiens; Clematis; Star of Bethlehem and Cherry Plum) plus the Bach Original Flower Essence of White Chestnut. The flower essences are combined to help switch the mind off from unwanted repetitive thoughts. It’s prepared with glycerine which gives it a sweet taste.

The RESCUE Night Spray sits permanently on my bedside table, as at times when I’ve woken up through the night, a few sprays of this works a charm to help me drift off quickly. 


Do you have problems with sleep? What have you used to battle those sleepless nights? Have you tried any of the remedies mentioned? If so, did they work for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the subject. Thanks for reading and if you found it useful, please share!

Peace be with you



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  1. Fasakin Moses

    What a great article,I learnt a lot from this write up,if one could not sleep,it causes many things like body hotness,headache etc,I read the remedies through trial and error, some have worked and some haven’t and below is a list that have worked for me,it depends on body mechanism,the article is educative and great.

  2. Polycarp Momoh

    I remember when I developed insomnia after my matriculation exams. Sleeping for me was as good as gold. I searched and searched and if I did, it would not be deep and any small distraction I would wake up. until I was given sleep tea by my grand mum I really do not know what its made up of but I felt that it was made out of boiled leaves. And I dont even know the leave. Now I know how to recreate that remedy. Thanks very much

    • Teresa M

      Hi Polycarp

      It would be great to know what your gran put in that tea! I know my gran’s generation is probably around the same as yours where the use of natural and herbal remedies were more prevalent.

      I hoped you passed your exams with flying colours and that your sleep has returned to some form of normality!

      Thanks for popping by and peace be with you.


  3. Peace

    I was born an insomniac, in other words, I was a congenital insomniac. And so, I can boldly say I have been there. 

    Although, I just got recently healed, there are nights I sincerely wonder if I am healed at all. And, I just learned through your post that, it might be a result of smart phone addiction. 

    I also noticed that you pointed at the blue light emitted from our phone screens as the culprit. That reminded me that since I downloaded a blue light filter app, my sleeping has improved considerably. 

    thanks for the post, it’s a huge eye opener. 

    • Teresa M

      Hi Peace

      Thanks so much for sharing a little of your history and condition, which is incredibly rare so thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      I’m very happy to hear that you are healed and would love to know whether you went down the natural or conventional path of healing.

      I wasn’t aware of a blue light app so will look into downloading one of these! Very useful. Thanks

      Take care and wishing many nights of peaceful sleep

      Peace be with you


  4. Dapoach

    Many people which i know suffer from insomnia, in which they find it hard to get to sleep easily ,most of them probably due to over-working their bodies and not giving room for proper rest.The eight remedies that you shared are very vital and i have already bookmarked your page as i need to share to those whom i know suffer from this horrible situation of being deprived of sleep

    • Teresa M

      Hey Dapoach

      You’re right there – we tend to burn the candles on both ends regularly, which has a startling impact on our bodies. Work, rest and play as they say.

      Glad you liked the post and I hope you spread the word!

      Peace be with you and wishing you many sleepful nights


  5. tawhid

    Hello Teresa,

    I have read your article on 8 Tried & Tested Natural Sleep Remedies That Work, Excellent and very informative article about the importance of sleep in our body and mind. I have problem with sleeping. My job is that I need to work at night and I must sleep at day but it is not that easy. I will use turmeric golden milk as I already heard that turmeric is good for sleeping. Thanks for such helpful topic.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Tawhid

      It’s tough when you have to do the opposite of what your body is naturally used to. I had another reader who worked nights and he was going to try the turmeric golden milk too. I hope it helps for you and let me know of your experiences of using it.

      Thanks and happy sleeping! Peace be with you


  6. Salim


    Nice and captivating headline/topic. As most people will call it, “insomnia” the lack of having a sleep or going to bed. It can be a s symptom of some particular ailment but naturally at some point in time regardless of the state of one’s mind, finding it difficult to sleep may also be noticeable in humans. Thank you for all the helpful and Wonder tips/remedies you talked about in this articles, it was really informative.

    Have a nice day

    • Teresa M

      Hi Salim

      You’re right that at some point in most people’s lives, having trouble sleeping will affect them. Many factors including diet, environment, stress and technology are the main culprits. It’s important to realise this and take action before the continuous lack of sleep affects your health and mental well being in the long run.

      Thanks for reading and peace be with you


  7. Louis

    It’s no surprise that sleep deprivation is on the rise. The level of the stress the average deals with everyday is enormous. Sadly too, at the end of the day, most people still don’t have enough peace of mind to enjoy a good night’s rest. 

    I use chamomile tea when I find it hard to snooze. And, it works every time for me. Thanks for this list, you’ve given me more options to consider. I love the scent of lavender, and I’m willing to try it out.

    • Teresa M

      Hey Louis

      Yes, it’s sad that we are probably the most sleep deprived generation that has lived with the massive amount of stimulation we get from technology and entertainment that’s available to us. Our kids will be the next if we don’t start waking up and fixing this!

      I adore drinking chamomile tea before bed, just the aroma is so relaxing! Glad you enjoyed the post and have a very blessed weekend.

      Peace be with you


  8. cjciganotto

    Hello Teresa,

    Excellent and very informative article about the importance of sleep in our body and mind. 

    Certain plants and seeds like you explain help to reconcile our sleep. 

    The baths with salts and the practice of yoga through breathing techniques can also improve our daily rest. 

    It’s a matter of working on it, surely our life will change if we can improve the quality of our rest hours.

    Thanks for sharing! Claudio

    • Teresa M

      Hi there Claudio

      Happy to connect with again my friend. You’re absolutely right – effort needs to start within in order for positive change to come about. 

      I have heard of using breathing techniques and have found myself trying it too. Once I achieve positive result from it I will add as another remedy.

      Thanks for popping by and peace be with you in these chilly holidays!


  9. Maria

    To fall asleep or stay asleep is difficult for many people right now; the stress of life, the uses of the media, and much more are the main causes of such problems. In your case is inevitable, when we are moms… no more 8 hours of sleep. I will practice your 8 natural sleep remedies, I have been with sleep troubles for many years. I bookmarked your site.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Maria

      I certainly miss those 8 hours of blissful sleep! In true human nature, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

      I wish you well in you journey to find a better night’s sleep and thanks for visiting.

      Peace be with and happy holidays!


  10. Daniel

    I must say that this is great article Teresa. I am glad that I stumbled on it because I have problem with sleeping. My job is that I need to work at night and I must sleep at day but it is not that easy. I will use turmeric golden milk as I already heard that turmeric is good for sleeping. Thanks for such helpful topic.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Daniel

      It’s tough when you’re sleeping hours are back to front as the sleep hormone ‘melatonin’ (nicknamed ‘the hormone of darkness) is released at night. I hope you find the Turmeric Golden Milk to be beneficial in helping you fall asleep easier during the day. 

      Best wishes for the holidays and peace be with you


  11. rmjia

    Hi, Teresa. Thank you for such a detailed and comprehensive 8 steps to get more sleeps. I do not have a bath tub to soak in bath salts. Does soaking feet only in bath salts gives the same benefits as well? For sleeping with lavender oil on pillow , will it be fine to use for those with nose allergy? Thank you again and look forward to try out your 8 steps towards blissful sleeps.

    • Teresa M

      Hi there Rmija

      Soaking in a full bath or just a foot bath will still have the same benefits as the minerals are absorbed into the skin, removing toxins and entering the bloodstream. It is easier to just soak the feet if you don’t have the time. 

      I have nose allergies too and I use one drop on each side of my pillow and found no issues with this. Perhaps just starting off with one drop first will help see what works for you.

      I’m glad you enjoyed and thanks for popping by.

      All the very best to you and peace be on your journey in finding blissful sleep.


  12. Eric Cantu

    Thank you so much for this much needed information. I had never had issues sleeping until recently. I started traveling so much and while I love it it’s caused my sleep cycles to be all over the place. I’ll be tired at the wrong parts of the day and then at night I lay down and I’m wide awake. Thank you so much for this. These remedies are absolutely do-able. I’m going to go down the list and find the one that works best for me!

    • Teresa M

      Hi there Eric

      You’re welcome! Travelling in different time zones definitely messes with your sleep patterns. Perhaps taking a bottle of the Black Seed Oil, Lavender oil or Bach’s night remedy on your travels will help as they’re small items. You wouldn’t need to carry anything else for the legs-up-the wall pose and the no smart devices before bed remedy!

      I hope you try the remedies out and let me know of your experiences.

      Happy holidays and peace be with you


  13. Kevin

    Thank you so much for 8 tried and test natural sleep remedy review. It was nice to see a few options that I wasn’t aware of. I’ll be honest and say I had never heard of black seed oil which considering how well studied it is amazing. Based on your review it’s something I will have to look at. As for Turmeric (curcuma as it’s called in Spanish) it’s something I use a lot but have never used it at night. Being vegan I would have to consider a milk alternative but something I will defiantly give a go to. Do you have any experience with Valerian root, it’s something that has recently been recommended to me so am looking in to it? Thanks again for your review. Having only just found your site I’m now going to have a good look around!

    • Teresa M

      Hi Kevin

      You’re most welcome! Yes Black Seed Oil has incredible health benefits and it’s so in depth I’ve written a series about it. You can read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

      Thank you for letting me know what Turmeric is called in Spanish – I love learning about the names of plants and herbs in different languages! As you are a vegan, you should try the Turmeric Golden Milk with coconut, almond or hazelnut milk which taste equally delicious.

      I have heard of Valerian root before and have suggested it as one of the herbs for the herbal sleep tea. Be careful though, as it does have a very strong odour – smells like sweaty socks to me! But definitely worth a try for it’s excellent sedative actions.

      Glad you found the post helpful. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

      In good health and peace be with you in the festive holidays


  14. Kohl

    Great article! Sleep is very important and I personally think it makes your days much harder if your lacking it. It’s great to see articles to help people with this! Not getting proper sleep definitely doesn’t help anything, I know from experience. What would you say the best thing that sleep does for you is?

    • Teresa M

      Hey there Kohl

      Thanks for visiting. Your question really made me think hard as to what is the best thing sleep does to you. Scientifically speaking, as living beings, we need sleep so our bodies and mind can recover so that we can battle another day.

      In hindsight, in my days of sleepful nights, I didn’t appreciate what I had until it was gone. I guess it’s only human nature that we take for granted what we have and truly yearn for it when it’s gone. 

      From my personal experience, the best thing about what sleep can do for you, is simply make you function as a human being. Appreciating the little things in life that we take for granted can really make us aware of who we are.

      You mention that you have experience from lack of sleep too – can I ask what you have done or trying to do to overcome this? I’d love to know of your experiences too.

      Hope you enjoy the holidays to come and peace be with you


  15. Lady Esther

    Good day,

    Thank you so much for this article.  I am a lover of teas and the recipe you have her to help with going to sleep is great.  I suffer from sleepless night often.  Lately I have also notice that my mother and son are also having issues falling asleep. I am going to try some of your suggestions for me and my family.

    I like the chart you have on the your website so I down loaded and made copies for the 3 of us and put it on a frame and hang it near the bed as a reminder to me and my family.

    My son has many allergies can you recommend an item for sleep that take that in count?

    Thank yo so much for the article. Very best on your online business endeavors,


    • Teresa M

      Hi there Lady Esther

      Thanks for popping by and sharing your thoughts and comments. I’m really happy that you found the post helpful in your battle of sleepless nights. I really feel for your situation as it honestly does feel like a battle to do what is naturally innate in us as living beings to sleep!

      My son has allergies too and I find using dried Nettle and making it as a tea usually helps, as it is a natural anti-histamine.

      The Black Seed Oil mentioned in the post is also good for allergies and my son takes 1/2 teaspoon of the ORIGINAL strength every morning with a bit of honey. You can read what the oil is good for here.

      I hope this helps and wish you well in your quest to find a better night’s sleep.

      Happy holidays and peace be with you.


  16. Jill

    Hi Teresa, Great post. So many people battle with sleep deprivation and as I have a sister-in-law who suffers badly from this due to restless legs syndrome, I immediately downloaded it and printed it for her. Have a copy for myself too. Find that I am so tired when I get into bed, I cannot even read a few chapters of my book and then I am gone.

    Naturally when I have a lot on my mind it does keep me awake and will try out your remedies. Thank you.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Jill

      So glad you found the post useful along with the infograph printout. I think for many of us that no devices an hour before bed could definitely benefit in falling asleep more quicker. Whichever remedy you choose to try out, I hope you benefit from it and let me know of your thoughts and experiences with it.

      Happy holidays and peace be with you


  17. Marlene

    Hi Teresa. Love the look of your site.  

    I have never had trouble sleeping or falling asleep.  But I know about the rising numbers in sleeping problems worldwide.  Your post is great with valuable information.  Thank you.

    My Grandmother of 88 lives with us and she has trouble sleeping or rather falling asleep. We are always looking into remedies to help her.  I did not know about this Black Seed Oil, we will take your advice on this one.  

    I like the legs up the wall pose.  I will do this one myself, I like the benefits even though I have no trouble sleeping, this one seems like a great idea, thank you.  

    Lavender oil is something I like to use.  I did not know it is known as ‘the herb of harmony’.  I like the smell and it relaxes me.  Now it makes sense to me why I like Lavender so much.  I like peace and harmony too. 

    Thank you for a great useful post.  Good luck and great success to you.

    • Teresa M

      Hi there Marlene

      You’re most welcome! You are so blessed to have no issues with sleeping and I wish you many more sleep full nights to come God willing! 

      My advice for your Gran is to start on a very lose dose of the Black Seed Oil at first. 

      As with all things, moderation is key. Natural is NOT synonymous with harmless or safe. The recommended dose for this particular Black Seed Oil I use is 3 teaspoons per day. 

      As it comes with 3 different types of strengths (MILD, ORIGINAL, STRONG), it’s best for beginners and those who are sensitive to start on the MILD strength. 

      Start with a few drops to 1/2 teaspoon 1 x  per day (for 2-7 days). Then increase 1/2 teaspoon 2 x per day (for 2-7 days). Slowly build up to 3 teaspoons per day.

      Hope this helps and have a happy holiday

      Peace be with you


  18. Clement

    Thank you for this great post, I hate it when insomnia falls on me, it really causes me headache and unstability. I remember when my aunt had her first son just like your case,it was really challenging and stressful for her but we tried the herbal tea,it really worked .i would recommend the herbal tea for anyone.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Clement

      I feel for your aunt, I really do! I would certainly recommend the herbal tea for sleep and the herbs mentioned in the post are so effective and soothing.

      I’d love to hear your experiences on any of the remedies mentioned and wish you a joyful and festive holiday to come.

      Peace be with you


  19. Darren

    I’ve come across this article just at the right time!  I’m off tot he gym tonight for a late training session and the Tumeric Golden Milk blend is just what I need after training,

    The anti inflammatory aspects of this drink will be ideal for post training and will also help me to relax after training as I am training late.

    I also have the other ingredients in stock. It’s also ideal as it will have protein in it from the milk which will aid recovery!   

    • Teresa M

      Hi Darren

      For sure the Turmeric Golden Milk will be beneficial for your post-workout. You can also add ginger and pinch of cayenne pepper for extra anti-inflammatory properties too. Hope you had a great workout!

      Take care and happy holidays.

      Peace be with


  20. Evald

    Hey there Teresa,

    as a person who is constantly having troubles falling asleep at night, I am constantly on the look for new & effective ways to battle this problem and solve it once and for all. Therefore, I am very happy that I’ve stumbled across Your article which I truly found to be very informative and helpful. It presented me a lot of new & interesting as well as delicious ways to combat by insomnia & overall improve the quality of my life. Out of all of the remedies included here, the ones which caught most of my attention were definitely the ”Lavender Oil On The Pillow” (because I absolutely adore & love the smell of lavender!), ”Herbal Sleep Tea” (I am very passionate about trying out new different recipes & types of teas from all around the world) and ”No Smart Devices An Hour Before Bed” (unfortunately, I use them way too much throughout the day and Your article motivated me to finally reduce the amount of time I spent with them, especially before the night!). All in all thanks for this great article, I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to try some of these remedies. Keep up the great work and have a great upcoming holidays Teresa! 😉

    • Teresa M

      Hi Evald

      thanks so much for your positive vibes! Really happy to know that you’ve found the article helpful and motivating in your quest to beat those sleeplessness nights.

      Unfortunately, there isn’t a cure for insomnia but there are effective and useful steps that can be taken to combat it. The ‘no devices before bed’ is one that is hard to follow through, believe me! 

      I hope you do try some of the remedies and let me know of your experiences. 

      Have a blessed Xmas and New Year and peace be with you my friend.


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