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How To Take Black Seed Oil?

How To Use Black Seed Oil & dosage guide for adults and children

I have written extensively on the incredible health benefits of taking Black Seed Oil and I have been asked by a number of my readers on how to take it correctly. In this post I will talk about the general guidelines of how to take Black Seed Oil for optimum health.

The post is broken down into:

  1. ORAL USE:
  • The strength
  • The taste
  • Dosage for adults and children
  • Examples of use
  • Capsules and dosage


  • Areas of body where it can be applied on to the skin.
  • Examples of use


  • Examples of use


  • Why it’s NOT recommended to cook the oil.


  • Precaution of when not to take internally.

If you are new to Black Seed Oil, click the links below to learn more.

Learn more about the historical use and the modern research in it.

Understand what this amazing plant does and how it works.

Discover what the plant is good for which is proven by research.

Learn of any side effects and what to look for when buying.

1. Oral Use

Black Seed Oil is a very potent medicinal plant and should be treated with respect and caution. As with all things, moderation is key. Natural is NOT synonymous with harmless or safe. 

Start on a low dose and slowly increase.  Taking more doesn’t mean you will heal faster. Taking too much, too quickly in the beginning will have a toxic effect and you may feel worse.

The recommended dosage is maximum 3 teaspoons per day. If taken correctly and moderately, there are no known side effects and is safe to take on a regular basis. I’ve been taking mine twice daily since March 2018 and have had no issues with it.

The oil can be taken neat or with honey and best taken on an empty stomach. 

It can also be added to juices and smoothies and yoghurts.


The particular oil that I use comes in 3 different strengths. The strength lies in the content of volatile oil.

  • MILD (approx 1.2% volatile oil content)
  • ORIGINAL (approx 1.5% – 1.7% volatile content)
  • STRONG (approx 4.3% – 4.9% volatile content)

N.B Most Black Seed Oil on the market contain somewhere between 0.3% and 1.2% of volatile oil!

The different content of volatile oil depends on the hybrid of the seed and the area it is grown in.

It is this volatile oil content in Black Seed that has wielded a large number of modern studies and research into it’s major constituents.

Research has discovered that it’s the volatile oils present in Black Seed Oil that contain the high levels of anti-bacterial; anti-fungal; anti-viral and immune-enhancing activities.

One of the most volatile oils found in Black Seed which has been the centre of many studies, is Thymoquinone (TQ) TQ is renowned for its powerful antioxidant. anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-cancer properties.

N.B The STRONG oil contains around 2.4% TQ, whereas most Black Seed Oil on the market contains around 0.7%.


The oil varies in taste as it’s the volatile oil content that creates the pungent taste. The higher the volatile content is, then the stronger and pungent the taste. It’s definitely an acquired taste!

For this reason alone, some will find the aftertaste incredibly strong so it’s best to disguise the taste by taking it with honey  (which is a natural sweetener that has anti-bacterial, antioxidant and anti-fungal properties. Double remedy whammy!)

Black Seed Oil is recommended to take with honey for a double-remedy whammy!

Dosage For Oil

The Blessed Seed MILD Black Seed Oil. Suitable for children, the elderly, sensitive people & beginners.


Recommended for infants, eldery people, sensitive people, those with allergies and beginners.

The Blessed Seed ORIGINAL Black Seed Oil.


Recommended for beginners also and the next step up from the MILD oil.

The Blessed Seed STRONG Black Seed Oil.


Recommended as the next step up from the ORIGINAL oil and for those with chronic and serious conditions. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN (although safe for topical use)


  • begin with a few drops to ½ teaspoon, 1 x per day (for 2-7 days).
  • then ½ teaspoon, 2 x per day (for 2-7 days).
  • build up to 3 x teaspoons, 3 x per day max.


  • under 5 – should only be given drops to begin with.
  • under 11 – ½ adult dose.

Examples Of Oral Use

Immune system defending body from invaders

Immunity Booster

Black Seed Oil can help to 'ramp up' the depressed immune system (colds & infections) and 'calm down' an overactive one (allergies & autoimmune diseases.) 1 x teaspoon daily for optimal immune support.

Herbal tea recipes for stress

Anxiety & Nerves

Take ½ x teaspoon of oil with herbal tea. Recommended herbs for the tea include Lemon Balm, Clary Sage, Passionflower & St. John's Wort.

Black Seed Oil can be beneficial for colds and flu.

Colds & Flu

Take 1 x teaspoon of oil, 3 x per day. Followed by drinking hot water with honey and lemon.

Herbal teas can benefit the digestive system

Stomach Issues

Drink mint tea with lemon and take 1 x teaspoon of oil, 3 x per day until relieved.

Black Seed Oil - good for high blood pressure

High Blood Pressure

Drink 1 x teaspoon in any warm drink. Also, take two lobes of garlic before breakfast.

Herbal teas can benefit sleep and help you relax.

Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Take 1 x teaspoon of oil with 1 x teaspoon of honey in warm milk 1 hour before bed. Can also rub the temples with the oil.

Capsules are ideal for those who don’t like the strong pungent taste of the oil. Plus, they are more convenient to use especially when travelling.

However, they are more expensive due to its encapsulation process, thus it’s more better for value for money to buy the oil in the oil form.

Dosage For Capsules

6 capsules = 1 teaspoon oil

Begin with: 

  • 1-2 capsules per day (for 3 days)
  •  increase to 3 capsules per day (spread this out through the day)
  •  after 3 days, add 1 x more capsule to the dose (up to 6 capsules daily – 2 x capsules, 3 x daily)

The capsules can also be easily broken open to use topically on the skin.

2. Topical Use

Black Seed Oil can be applied topically on skin that is inflamed, injured or irritated.

The oil can also be applied directly onto the skin, whether it is inflamed, injured or irritated.  

For children, less is required and if the skin is very sensitive, then it is recommended to use the MILD oil.

The analgesic (pain relief) properties of the oil can be used for:

  • Acne
  • Arthritis
  • Bites
  • Bruises
  • Bumps
  • Burns
  • Cuts
  • Chest area (coughs, flu, congestion)
  • Eczema
  • Joints
  • Psoriasis
  • Rheumatism
  • Scratches
  • Stings
  • Wounds

Examples Of Topical Use

Black Seed Oil can help with skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, burns & wounds.

Skin Issues (Eczema, Psoriasis, Burns & Wounds)

The anti-inflammatory actions of the oil can benefit the skin & soothe eczema inflammation. When applied to burns, its anti-microbial actions can deal with the bacterial infections that sometimes occur in the wake of the burn.

Black Seed Oil can be rubbed on the back & chest to help coughs, asthma & other respiratory issues.

Asthma & Coughs

The oil can be rubbed on to the back and the chest. The potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions can also benefit bronchitis and other respiratory issues.

Backache, Arthritis, Rheumatism & Bruises

Heat the oil slightly and massage intensely in the areas. Also, drink 1 x teaspoon of oil with 1 x teaspoon of olive oil, 3 x per day.

Black Seed Oil is beneficial for a healthy complexion.

Healthy Complexion & Anti-Ageing Remedy

Mix 1 x teaspoon of oil with 1 x tablespoon honey & 1 x tablespoon coconut oil until blended. Apply to face & leave for 10 minutes. Wash off with face cloth in circular motion to get rid of any loosened dead skin.

Black Seed Oil can help with hair loss and increase hair density.

Hair Loss & Hair Density

Stroke the scalp thoroughly with lemon, leave for 15 minutes then wash & dry. Then apply 1 x teaspoon of oil all over scalp. Rinse off after 30-60 minutes. Repeat weekly. You can also add a few drops to your shampoo or conditioner.

Black Seed Oil can be beneficial for babies suffering from colic by massaging the oil onto the abdomen.

Colic (in babies)

The oil can be warmed in the hands, then massage the whole abdomen area in a clockwise motion.

3. Inhalation Use

Black Seed Oil can be inhaled for certain ailments such as coughs and sinus issues.

Black Seed Oil can also be inhaled and this can be beneficial for certain respiratory and sinus conditions.

Examples Of Inhalation Use

Black Seed Oil can be rubbed on the back & chest to help coughs, asthma & other respiratory issues.

Asthma & Coughs

Add boiled water into a bowl with 1 x teaspoon of oil. Cover head with towel and inhale the vapour for 10-15 minutes.

Black Seed Oil can help with acne and spots outbreak.


Add 1 x teaspoon of oil in a bowl of hot water with a towel over the head. Increase zinc intake to help acne breakouts.

Studies have shown that the EGCG levels in green tea can kill bacteria and viruses directly.


Create a Black Seed vapour bath with 3 x teaspoons of oil & inhale the steam through the nose for 10 minutes, twice daily.

4. Cooking Use

It is NOT recommended to cook the oil as the heat destroys the potency of the oil.

The oil can be used instead on salads and in dressings. It can also be added to juices, smoothies and yogurt. Basically, any food or drink that’s cool or cold.

The seeds, however, can be used in cooking (as it’s popular in Indian, Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine). They are added to soups, bread, curries and salads.

The seeds themselves are carminative; analgesic; anti-fungal; antioxidant; anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

The seeds can also be added into a tea for a soothing herbal tea drink.

5. When NOT To Take Black Seed Oil

It is not recommended to take when pregnant or trying to get pregnant as Black Seed Oil can make the uterus contract and has a strong detoxifying effect.

It is advised not to take Black Seed Oil at least 2 weeks before surgery.

However, the oil is safe for topical use in all cases.

How do you take your Black Seed Oil? What do you take it for? Have you noticed any difference since you started taking or using it? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on this. And if you enjoyed the read, please share!

Peace be with you.



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  1. Netta

    Thanks for the thorough look at the benefits (and the downsides) of using nigella sativa, Teresa.  I agree that it is an awesome medicine and one that can be a part of a regimen that helps to boost your immune system.  As you say, because it is so powerful, nigella does require caution and moderation.

    Your caveats are clear and, I think, well-done.  This is a plant medicine that requires respect.

    I am especially pleased that you state upfront the truth that “natural” does not necessarily mean “harmless” or “safe.”  

    I tend to use nigella oil for external things and I have used the seeds in cooking explorations.  I have had no experience with ingesting the oil, mostly because I don’t have chronic conditions that require its use.  If that changes, your post does point the way to a sensible way of using it.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Netta

      You don’t need to have a chronic condition to take the oil orally. I take mine twice daily. Initially it was to help with my insomnia which it has. I take it mainly to boost and maintain my immunity which I believe has helped as I haven’t felt ill this winter thankfully.

      I believe all plants should be treated with a degree of respect as their healing potential can help us in the long run.

      Thanks for reading and stay healthy and happy!

      Peace be with you


  2. Badhan Biswas

    Hello Teresa M,

    I completely don’t know how to thank you for letting us know all those things about black seed oil. I use to know that this natural oil is only used to massages someone if the get hurt.But now i know it can also effect on the problems of oral,topical,inhalation process and one can cook food with it.And when we should avoid that.I’ll let my family members, friend and girl friend. Heads off to you for sharing this type of informative article. One last thing.Might be sound like wired but curious mind wants to know…

    ⏺Should that man avoid the black seed oil when he is trying to be father?      

    • Teresa M

      Hi Badhan

      Thanks for your positive vibes and excellent question! No question is weird if you ask me.

      Black Seed is actually very beneficial for men and fertility as it can help semen quality, improve sperm count, improve reproductive organ health and balance sex hormones. You can read more of the article relating to this here.  

      So happy you found the post useful. Knowledge is power as they say so nice that you will pass this info on.

      In good health and peace be with you


  3. Taetske

    Good afternoon Teresa,

    On your About Me page, I read that you are very aware of the foods you eat and therefore read the labels. All this man-made stuff is no good. Mother Nature provides for our needs. Nice to hear your mother passed on so much valuable information to you.

    I am always interested in reading about natural remedies and am impressed with the healing properties of Black Seed Oil. I will definitely try it out even if at the moment I am perfectly ok. Thank you for all this great information.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Teresa M

      Hi Taetske

      Lovely to connect with you again my friend.

      Mum’s are the word! And I’m so glad she passed her knowledge and wisdom to me. Hopefully I can pass this on to my son in the future.

      I’m a massive believer that the body can heal itself given the right foods, environment and positive emotions. Our ancestors used herbs and plants to heal many ailments with positive results. 

      The diets of our time now is steeped in processed sugars, fats, oils – along with crazy farming methods that is making our foods stripped of its nutrients, the large number of vaccines, stress and pollutants in the environment makes us one of the sickest nations on the planet (even though we’re considered one of the richest!) It just doesn’t add up and Big Pharma are fully taking advantage of this.

      Taking Black Seed Oil just to boost and maintain the immune system is worth it’s weight in gold. Thankfully I haven’t experienced any illness this winter and I believe the oil has helped to keep it at bay.

      Have a lovely week and stay happy and healthy.

      Peace be with you


  4. Dave M.

    Wow, good information on the correct way to take Black Seed Oil. Thanks for sharing. I know that it is tempting for people to take too much of a “good thing” when they are trying to get  desired effect. I did not realize black seed oil has so many medicinal uses. It is quite versatile as well, being able to take it orally, topically and also inhalation when necessary. Do yo find it has helped you remain healthy since you started taking it last March?

    • Teresa M

      Hi Dave

      Absolutely! I noticed a difference within 2 weeks and that was starting with the MILD strength. It has helped with my insomnia. I’m falling asleep quicker and staying asleep for longer. It also helped with my hay fever and I believe it’s helping with my asthma as I’m not needing my inhaler as much after exercise.

      You can read about my experiences here and how long it took to work for me.

      I hope you get to try the oil out and let me know of your experiences.

      Peace be with you and have a great week.


  5. Henry

    Hi Teresa! I have always had a general idea of the health benefits of black seed oil. But I had never read a detail report as your concerning all these benefits and the best ways to take black seed oil.

    I personally will rely on oral use bearing in mind the warning you have stated here. Moderation is key. And I’ll definitely take it with honey. Thank you for all these tips.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Henry

      You’re most welcome. I take my mine with honey too as it really helps to disguise the flavour!

      Thanks for reading and peace be with you


  6. Kenechi

    That was a nice review though this is my very first time of getting to know about black seed oil and it’s benefits and medicinal value. When black seed oil can take care of cancer and malignancies, high blood pressure, depression and cold, I wonder how is it that the black seed oil is not widely used all over the universe. Many don’t know about it. 

    • Teresa M

      Hi Kenechi

      The healing wonders of black seed oil is slowly coming to light in the West as modern research is discovering the healing potential of it. I mentioned in my post here the historical use of the plant and why it’s prized for centuries by ancient cultures for its treatment of an array of ailments. I hope my post will enlighten others of the medicinal value this plant has to offer,

      Take care and peace be with you


  7. Dammy

    things, moderation is key. Natural is NOT synonymous with harmless or safe.  Start on a low dose and slowly increase.  Taking more doesn’t mean you will heal faster. Taking too much, too quickly will have a toxic effect and you may feel worse. The recommended dosage ismaximum 3 teaspoons per day. If taken correctly and moderately, there are no known side effects and is safe to take on a regular basis. I’ve been taking mine twice daily since March nice Post incisive information passed across to the readers nice job 

    • Teresa M

      Hi Dammy

      Thanks for reiterating what I said – I hope this was the intention!

      Peace be with you


  8. Jay

    A lot of us know the benefits of black seed oil but like what was said in this post some of us feel most things natural is synonymous with natural or safe. I always thought that way and recently changed that way of thinking. 

    I always assumed beginners could take this black seed oil frequently on a regular basis. Good thing I came across this post as I have been enlighted on how to properly take black seed oil.

    I had no idea about these various methods in which the black seed oil could be taken. This is why it is always good to do research before deciding to take in things like this. Also, we all reading this should also not forget to ask our doctors before we decide to black seed oil as our body systems are different. 

    • Teresa M

      Hey Jay

      I’m happy the post has enlightened you some how! 

      It was important for me to highlight the importance of natural not being the same as safe as I want those who try out any herbal medicines to understand how they work. Also, if it didn’t work for them or they suffered some negative experiences, they my not choose to use herbal medicines again because of this. Which is a massive shame!

      Respect nature and the medicines it offers for the body and in return, they would help you in the long run. So yes, doing research is essential.

      Thanks for your comments and positive vibes. Peace be with you.


  9. Leo

    This is a great product.

    I decided to try this after reading black seed oil helps reduce inflammation and improve your overall health.I have been taking black seed oil for four weeks now. I’m not aware of any health benefits and the flavor is a bit harsh but it definitely is an excellent colon cleanser and excellent for keeping your bowels healthy.

    I take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and I have been regular ever since which reduces unnecessary bloating.

    So that alone deserves 5 stars.

    Have a nice day,


    • Teresa M

      Hi Leo

      That’s great to hear you have used the oil with positive results. I found positive experiences with helping with my insomnia and hay fever and I’m also noticing it has helped with my asthma as I’m not needing or requiring to use my inhaler as much after exercise.

      For me, it’s something I take twice daily – first in the morning on an empty stomach with honey, then again before I go to bed.  I will continue to take this indefinitely just purely to boost and maintain my overall health int the long run.

      Take care and have a blessed week. 

      Peace be with you


  10. Tucker

    Wow! This post about taking black seed oil is packed with useful information. I clearly need to catch up on Parts 1 through 4 as well. I was very surprised to learn one of the most volatile oils in Black seed (TQ) has immune-enhancing properties. My partner is going back to school to study traditional Chinese medicine in the fall and I’m going to pass this article along to her. Black seed seems like a great supplement for people dealing with chronic illnesses. If you’re interested in documentaries, check out The Living Matrix. It’s all about alternative healing modalities!

    • Teresa M

      Hi Tucker

      It’s really cool that your partner is studying TCM! The healing usage of Black Seed also extends to the disciplines of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines. Traditionally treating diarrhoea, flatulence, mental degeneration, skin diseases, infections, congestion and bronchial disorders to name a few.

      I will check out the documentary to mentioned – seems just up my road!

      Thanks for visiting and have a fantastic week.

      Peace be with you


  11. mhasanalvi

    Hi Teresa,

    I have just finished your whole article about the black seed oil.I was not familiar about black seed oil but after reading your article i found that it is a great oil for our health.we can use this oil in various field in our healthy have represent so nicely how to take this black seed oil in your article. Really this is an amazing oil as it can be used in our cold and flu,High blood pressure,Stomach issues.It is also provide a great impact on Our skin problem, hair loss and hair density and inhalation.It is also a useful oil for our cooking which is really awesome. By reading your article i can also learn that it can’t be used during pregnancy. Thank you very much for sharing such an great product black seed oil.I believe that it is a worthy oil for our health as well as cooking.I will share this article with my friends and relatives.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Mhasanalvi

      Thanks for your kind words. Although I have a section on cooking, I do mention that it isn’t recommended to cook with the oil as it destroys the healing potential. I’ts fine to use on salads or dressings.

      I’m happy to have spread this knowledge to you and hope you have a blessed and chilled weekend.

      Peace be with you


  12. Tricia

    It’s not easy to find good information on how to take oils…you did a very nice job of explaining and I can see you put a lot of work into it. Yes, definitely going slow at first. Oils can be pretty potent. Having a house full of Lyme patients and all the fun complications that go with Lyme, I’m actually very curious now about black seed oil and will have a look at your other articles. Thank you!

    • Teresa M

      Hi Tricia

      Thanks for your comments – it seems you have your hands full!

      Black seed has at least 19 known powerful healing actions, including anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. 

      I’m glad I’ve peeked your curiosity on this oil and I hope to feed your curiosity even more! Let me know of any thoughts and experiences or feedback that you may have and I’ll be more than happy to help.

      In good health and peace be with you.


  13. tawhid

    Hello Teresa,

    Thanks for your article I enjoyed it and I must say I found your post highly educational. I had never heard of black seed oil until reading this. This is something that is really interesting to me to benefit arthritis intrigues me. I like how it can be applied to the skin as well as digested. Your review and how to use it is wonderful. So glad I found this post, thank you!

    • Teresa M

      Hi Tawhid

      The oil is quite versatile, and unlike certain oils where you would need a carrier oil (such as olive, wheatgerm or avocado) to mix before applying directly to the skin – with black seed oil you don’t need to.

      I’m very happy to have introduced to you this power-house plant which has been prized for centuries by ancient cultures for such a diverse range of ailments. Let me know of your experiences soon.

      Take care and peace be with you


  14. Louise

    I have really enjoyed reading about Black Seed oil, your article is comprehensive and informative.

    I have never used it before so I would follow your advice for a beginner. I like to find herbal remedies, I prefer to use them rather than chemical drugs.

    I enjoy many herbal teas and appreciate their  medicinal properties.

    I have a question in regard to using Black Seed oil , I have to take Thyroxin would Black Seed oil have any adverse side effects when used whilst taking Thyroxin?

    • Teresa M

      Hi Louise

      Thanks for your positive vibes! I love using herbal remedies as they are more gentler on the body and much safer than conventional medicines.

      A study into the positive beneficial effects of powdered Nigella sativa (Black Seed) in improving thyroid status in patients with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis can be found here

      However, if you are on any medication for a certain ailment, I would always suggest you check with your doctor or health care practitioner before undertaking any herbal medicines for it. 

      I hope this helps and wish you well in your journey of herbal healing.

      Peace be with you


  15. ajibola40

    For some years now many have been using black seed oil as a remedy for conditions such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis. And the was a time I use black seed oil to  fight infections.i had many things about it even the ones that are not in this article. I see it as an essential oil to have at home

    • Teresa M

      Hi Ajibola40

      Black Seed has been used and prized for centuries by ancient cultures. What’s amazing is it’s mentioned in the Old Testament, in Islamic literature by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who said “hold on to the use of the Black Seed for it has a remedy for every illness except death.” The seeds and oil was also discovered in the tomb of Tutankhamun. So some great historical usage!

      Did the black seed oil help with your infections?

      Peace be with you


  16. Son

    It always surprises me how many uses these natural ingredients have. I thought black seed oil was just something you take with a spoon, I never thought about using it topically for things like burns, wounds, acne, and all that. I’m very curious about using it for hair loss and density, is that just for women or can it be used for men also who are suffering from male pattern baldness?

    • Teresa M

      Hi Son

      Great question. I don’t think Black Seed Oil discriminates who it helps in this situation! The oil can be applied to the areas of baldness or concern.

      Nevertheless, I’ve included some positive research into the benefits of using the oil for hair loss and hair density here and here.

      I’m glad you found the post helpful and hope you have a great weekend ahead of you.

      Peace be with you and in good health


  17. Louis

    Hello Theresa,

    I love how you’ve taken time to delve into the topic on black seed oil. Seeing that I never knew about black seed oil, I’m happy to learn more. 

    I really do want to learn how to use black seed oil for my asthmatic conditions. Do you think black seed oil is safe for usage by asthma patients? 

    Thanks, I’m really expecting your feedback.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Louis

      I’m very confident that the oil can help with asthma. I suffer from asthma too, although quite mild. I’ve been taking the oil since March 2018 and it has helped tremendously with my insomnia and hay fever. I’ve also noticed that I don’t need to use my inhaler as much after exercise, such as when I’m swimming or gentle jogging, whereas before I would need to after each session.

      As long as you treat the oil with respect as mentioned in my post, and not exceed the recommended dose (and of course buying from a reputable source) then I’m sure it would benefit you in the long term.

      I’ve also included a study which shows the positive effects from using the oil for bronchial asthma here.

      I hope this helps and would love to know of your experiences.

      Stay healthy and happy and peace be with you


  18. Dapoach

    Herbal teas, if you will ask me are the best type of teas to take, due to their medicinal and nutritional values. I like this your review on Black Seed Oil. Its amazing to know that you said it doesn’t have any side effects when taken moderately orally.Also the fact that it can also be administered to children makes it worthwhile. I will ensure i find a means of getting it, i will be glad if you could make an updated post on where we could clearly get it. Thanks

    • Teresa M

      Hi Dapoach

      I’m a massive herbal tea drinker – I have at least 4-5 cups per day! 

      The oil is very versatile and our family takes it daily, including my 5-year old who takes the ORIGINAL. He absolutely loves it! I would give him a teaspoon of the oil with some honey and he would actually drink the oil off the spoon first, then lick the honey off the spoon last!

      If you hover over the different strengths of the oil in the “dosage for oil” section of the post, they would lead you to where to purchase. 

      Alternatively, you could find it here

      Thanks for popping by and peace be with you


  19. Wealthfather

    I absolutely love this insightful article because it is full of informations.. This is fascinating and intriguing to meYou did an excellent job of providing education and resources; The article was well written and easy to understand

    I have been searching online to know more about black seed oil but I haven’t gotten a concentrated result like the one am getting on your blog today. I have a friend that has been taking black seed for his ailment and there has been great improvement.

    • Teresa M

      Hi there Wealthfather

      So happy you found the post useful and thanks for your comments.

      Can I ask what your friend is taking it for and how long he has taken it? It’s good to know that it is working for him. It has certainly helped with my insomnia and hay fever this past year.

      Have a blessed week and peace be with you


  20. Matt's Mom

    My son has to take testosterone because his body does not produce it naturally.  With this comes acne problems.  I was researching on line for various things to help, as we have tried a lot!  I ready about black seed oil, and decided I needed to research this a little bit more before purchasing.  Your review and how to use it is wonderful.  So glad I found this post, thank you!

    • Teresa M

      Hi Matt’s Mom

      Sorry to hear of the side effects experienced by your son because of this. Black Seed can help with hormonal problems and I’ve included a study here with positive results in increase in testosterone concentration in male rats.

      Really glad you found the post useful and I wish you well in finding a natural remedy for you son.

      Stay happy & healthy and peace be with you.


  21. Cris

    Hi Teresa,

    I’m a bit of a tea addict myself. 🙂

    I love some of the information you have shared on this site and will be returning to read more. It caught my eye that you have quite a lot of info pertaining to this Black Seed oil, and I’ve actually never heard of it before reading this post. I usually prefer to take oils with honey to try and avoid the after taste, so good to know that this oil can be used in the same way.

    I will also be sharing this with my sister, as she has an auto-immune disorder and is always looking for more natural remedies for comfort. I don’t recall hearing her speak of this particular one. So, thanks for sharing. I will pass it on!

    • Teresa M

      Hi Cris

      You’ve come to the right place – I’m a massive tea addict too! Yes, I have written extensively on the oil as I believe it will be beneficial for everyone, young and old, to keep and maintain your health at it’s optimum.

      I’ve included a study here on the positive effects the oil has on auto-immunity, so hope this helps with your decision to try it out for your sister.

      Thanks for popping by and have a lovely week.

      Peace be with you


  22. Nicole Stiles

    I LOVE that first paragraph under oral use. Too often I see people treat natural as meaning 100% safe 100% of the time. As you say, proper caution and respect must be in place for safe use.

    I was going to ask about pregnancy and nursing use but then you answered it under number 5. The reasoning for not taking while pregnant is straightforward, but that’s not a concern anymore during nursing. Do you know if studies have been done with nursing mothers and it’s been shown to be bad or that studies haven’t been done and to be safe it’s not recommended?

    • Teresa M

      Hi Nicole

      Although the oil has been used as an galactagogue (increasing breast milk production) in India and Iran, including one study here that found black seed ( Nigella sativa) to increase breast milk – not much scientific studies have been known about the safety of using it whilst breastfeeding. In this case, it’s best to stay on the safe side.

      I hope that helps with your query and peace be with you.


      • Teresa M

        Hi Nicole

        I’ve an update to your question – I emailed the makers of the oil at the time of your question and have only recently got a response from them. It is safe to take the oil whilst nursing as the benefits and goodness are passed onto baby through the milk. I have re-edited my post and hope this information has helped.


  23. Xaric

    Hey Teresa,

    I have been taking black seed oil for my allergic asthma orally for a while now and I have seen a significant improvement. I have never tried inhaling it though which frankly seems to be much more effective.

    I’ll definitely try it for a while and I’ll come back to let you know about my observations.


    • Teresa M

      Hey there Xaric

      Great news that it’s working for you! For me, it has really helped with my insomnia and hay fever this past year and it’s something I take twice daily and will continue to do so for the long term.

      I would love for you to let me know of your experiences- Can’t wait!

      Peace be with you and have a great week


  24. Dave Sweney

    Thanks for this very thorough post on how we can take black seed oil for the many medicinal and topical benefits it offers. There are so many healthy options that are available these days it is hard to keep up with which are the best ones to add to your natural health regimen.

    I am interested in this one as I have heard so much about just how effective the black seed oil can be for me. Many of my friends here in Dubai are from India, and they all swear by this oil. I decided to do some research for myself, and voila, here I am!

    There is so much to absorb in your post I have bookmarked it for getting back to read through it a few more times. I can get different strengths, my friends will take me to the place that is selling the oil. My problem was that I did not have confidence in how to use it.

    Thanks for putting this together, you have really helped me today. I am sure many others are also going to appreciate the effort you have put into this article too! I will be back too to see what other informative and useful posts you may have here, I think there is likely a few more I can use!

    • Teresa M

      Hi Dave

      I’m loving your positive vibes!

      You’re right about many the healthy options available to us these days. A lot of reading, researching and recommendations from others is what you’ll have to do and one of the aims of my humble site is to help you and others filter that process.

      I hope you get to try the oil out and let me know of your experiences. It’s best to opt for the oil  that is:

      Grown without harmful pesticides or chemicalsVirgin cold-pressed & slow method (to ensure it retains its potent and vital healing properties)Chemical-free & additive-freeStored in dark coloured glass to keep the temperature down, the light out and from going rancid.

      The particular oil that is mentioned ti the post and which I use twice daily fits these categories.

      Thanks for visiting and peace be with you.


  25. Luchrist777

    i want to say good content of the website. I want to include that you miss a period on your Affiliate Disclosure at the end of the sentence. Additional, your article needs more & better pics containing on your subjects. Please revisit your website and pretend that you are a consumer and see if you like the pics that relate the subject. Eye caption is the best way to capture customers.

    P.S. should i mix water with Back seed oil to drink for health wise? Long-term what is the true benefits of this? 

    • Teresa M

      Hi there

      Black Seed Oil can be mixed with water if you wish, preferably cold or cool water. The fact that the seed has had extensive and positive historical use and modern research is discovering this – this in itself is a true testament to the long-term benefits of using the oil for good health.

      Thanks for your comments and peace be with you.


  26. Angella

    Black Seed Oil. I’ve heard around that it’s a great oil. I like how you had spoken about it in a previous post.

    As for this post, I love how you’ve spoken about the usage. I have never used the oil, but with this entire website, I think i’m going to go around the posts and find out if I should take it into consideration.

    Do you personally have a specific reason for using it? Can you tell me good reasons that I should use it?

    • Teresa M

      Hi Angella

      I first started taking Black Seed Oil around March 2018 to boost my immunity and to help with my insomnia. After having a child, my sleep literally deserted me! But within 2 weeks of taking the MILD strength, I noticed I was falling asleep much quicker than before. This was pleasantly surprising as I didn’t expect anything herbal or natural to work quickly. It also helped with my hay fever too that year. I’ve written an article on my experiences with the oil here.

      There are many good reasons why anyone should use it! Boosting and maintaining immunity, helping with inflammation which causes a myriad of diseases, even helping with weight loss. Whatever the reason, I’m sure it could help you maintain optimum health. The proven science behind it suggests that there isn’t an organ or system that isn’t positively affected by this powerhouse seed. I’ve written an article on what the oil is good for here.

      I hope you get to use it and let me know of your experiences too.

      Stay healthy and happy and peace be with you


  27. Wayne

    Hello, Teresa and thanks for introducing me to Black Seed Oil.  Up until today, I had not heard of this oil and its properties or what it could be used to combat.  

    That said, I will seriously consider giving it a look.  My wife and I cook with olive oil and we sometimes put a little Avacado oil in our smoothies which sound like a good way to take this oil as well.  One would probably not even taste it.

    I also like that you have mapped out how to take it and the benefits, (another post you wrote).  Would there be any conflict with Oil of Oregano, (another immune booster)?  I take this oil when I feel a cold coming on and being an immune booster, Black Oil might be something to consider as well?

    I enjoyed reading your post.  You know what they say, “You’re never too old to learn new things”.

    Thanks again,

    Wayne, (Wayne66)

    • Teresa M

      Hi Wayne

      I’m really happy to have introduced this power house plant to you. My advice would be if your really wanted to try it out, then it’s best to try it out on it’s own for a while to see if it has benefits for you. This is the best way to recognise its healing action and how your body responds to it.

      Thanks for your positive vibes and yes, I agree with what they say too!

      Peace be with you and I wish you well in your quest for a more natural way of healing and living.


  28. Todd Matthews

    I never came across such benefits in oral use of black seed oil. What jumps out at me here is the fact less can be more, which is great for those looking for something to take without going overboard on dosages. I also found the fact that this oil can help with anxiety and insomnia, two common contraindications people deal with, in a natural way that won’t be giving billions to the pharmaceutical industry. Sure, the taste might be strong, but the maximal dosage is definitely small enough for most to tolerate such an adverse taste for maximal benefits. 

    • Teresa M

      Hi Todd

      I agree with you entirely! That’s why I’ve highlighted the importance that moderation is the key and that more is not synonymous with better. Big Pharma wouldn’t like that as they would surely lose out on profits!

      Have a great weekend and peace be with you.


  29. Anusuya

    Black seed or Kalonji as we call in my language is truly a beneficial oil. Everyday cooking in my house uses it. No cooked vegetable saute goes without it.

    Particularly in my state, we use a mixture of five herbal seeds: mustard, cumin, fenugreek, black seed, fennel seeds in particular ratio to add flavor to the saute or seasoning a soup. 

    Eggeplant stuffed with black seed is a delicacy in North India.

    Oils are used for skin diseases. But for sure I have not seen it being used orally.

    The enormous benefit of this oil will help cure diseases across the world. 

    • Teresa M

      Hi Anusuya

      I’m happy to hear you use it daily in your household and acknowledge the benefits from using black seed oil. Do you find that it still has the healing capabilities when you use it for cooking? I’ve been advised that cooking can destroy the healing potential.

      Thanks for visiting and peace be with.


  30. alexandra

    I had never heard of black seed oil until reading this. This is something that is really interesting to me tho, everything that is natural and is proven to benefit arthritis intrigues me. I like how it can be applied to the skin as well as digested. Is the plant in the same family as cannabis? Since they both have the sativa name, or perhaps I am just confused. Very interesting to read either way, I can see this being very beneficial.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Alexandra

      It can be confusing when it comes to the latin names of plants!. They are both from different plant families. Nigella sativa comes from the Ranunculaceae family, whereas cannabis comes from Cannabaceae family. Hope that helps.

      Thanks for reading and peace be with you.


  31. Cathy

    My mom is Type-2 diabetic patient and she also has very bad arthritis. I am currently looking for some natural remedy to ease her discomfort as I don’t want to rely on contemporary pain killers all the time. Someone recommended to use black seed oil and honestly, I didn’t know there are so many ways to use it besides oral consumption. I will take note of the different taste classification as mom certainly doesn’t like anything too strong. Thanks for pointing that out. 

    • Teresa M

      Hi Cathy

      Thanks for popping by. 

      I’m glad to hear you’re looking for a more natural approach for your mum and it’s best to start on the MILD strength. Conventional medicines has it’s pros but they most certainly have side effects attached t them.

      I wish you well in your quest for natural herbal healing for your mum. Please do let me know of your progress.

      Peace be with you and have a lovely weekend.


  32. Dan Sicat

    I did not know that black seeds oil has lots of benefits to the body. I am suffering from mild asthma and it is a good to know that black seeds oil can alleviate respiratory ailments. My wife is also suffering from insomia so I will recommend this to her. 

    With its potency to help those with chronic serious diseases such as cancer, studies should be continued to harness its benefits more to help cure these dreaded diseases. Thank you for this informative post. 

    • Teresa M

      Hi Dan

      You’re most welcome. I suffered dreadfully from insomnia but since taking black seed oil, it has certainly helped me to fall asleep much quicker. I’ve written a post about my experiences here, plus how long it took to work.

      I hope you get to try it out for you and your wife’s ailments and let me know of your thoughts and experiences.

      Have a great weekend. Peace be with you.


  33. Jean

    Hi Teresa, I love the format of your site, with compact charts that we can printed for easy reference. I had never heard of this product but you have done a wonderful job of explaining what it is, its history, and all the benefits of it. I do live in the Western world but believe in the healing powers of herbal products. I have written about the benefits of Lavender as experienced by myself and I see that a lot of the benefits are similar to your Black Seed oil. I just tried to look for this product on my usual site for Essential Oils and cannot find it. You must know the best site to get this product so where do you go to order it? I do not want to take the chance of getting an inferior product. Your site is very pleasing to the eye and very easy to read. Because I am an essential oil junkie, it made me want to continue reading all the links as well. Thanks for informing us about this wonderful product and I hope your site generates a lot of sales.

    • Teresa M

      Hi Jean

      Thanks so much for your positive vibes! Yes Black Seed Oil does have some similarities to the actions of Lavender, yet Black Seed has a staggering 19 powerful actions on the human body as proven by science. It is one of the most studied herbal medicines in the world.

      The particular oil that I use falls into certain criterias that I’m looking before buying.

      – It’s grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides.

      – It’s virgin-cold pressed

      – No chemicals or additives added.

      – Stored in dark coloured glass bottles to keep the temperature down, the lights out and from going rancid.

      Please visit here if you are interested in purchasing.

      Take care and peace be with you.


  34. Paul

    Dear Teresa,

    Thanks for the article I enjoyed it and I must say I found your post highly uplifting and educational.

    To be honest, very recently my uncle bought the black seed oil because I have discussed the enormous benefits of black seed oil. Couple of weeks before I did some research on the internet to learn more about it and I am amazed at the benefits. We were not exactly sure how to use it and your post is a greater help and it means a lot to me.

    Your guide is very helpful and an eye-opener. After reading your post, I felt black seed oil is for everyone in my family, it will benefit everyone who is having different issues. For example my mom is having asthma, I have hair loss problem, my father-in-law and uncle having Arthritis, my mother-in-law often struggles with back pain.

    I am bookmarking your post for future reference.

    Much Success!


    • Teresa M

      Hi Paul

      Perfect timing! Really happy that you stumbled upon my humble post and found it helpful.

      My family take it on a daily basis, just purely for boosting and maintaining our immune system, especially during the winter months. I found it has helped me with my insomnia and hay fever. It seems to have also helped control my 5 year old’s allergies too.

      In this day of age that we live in, more and more of us are suffering from a myriad of health issues – diet, environment, stress, pollutants, technology stimulants are the main culprits. I wish you well in your quest for a healthier you and for your family.

      Peace be with you.


  35. Saori

    This was my first time hearing about black seed oil used for health benefits although I consider myself a health guru and even Cleopatra was using it! Now I know lots about it, I must try it. But Thanks for the warning! I’ll try sipping a few drops and see how I feel (and see if the taste is manageable). I’ll definitelt let you know how my trial goes! 

    • Teresa M

      Hi there Saori

      Glad you found the post helpful.

      I must admit that although I’m taking the STRONG oil and have been since last year, you definitely need an acquired taste to take it neat! I take it twice daily with honey (raw if possible) to disguise the taste. Just be careful not to swallow it the wrong way like I did a few weeks ago – the aftertaste stayed with me a good few hours!

      Please do return and let me know of your experiences, as I’d love to know.

      Take care, peace be with you and have a great weekend.


  36. Jagi Egnell

    Hi Teresa,

    Great write up on the black seed oil. I am just curious since you say there is a limit to what one can take orally, is there a limit to how much can be applied the skin directly? The reason I ask is that our skins also will absorb the oil, will this cause any problems?

    I am into all types of essential oils. Especially ones we can ingest as they seem to have the most effect on the human body. 

    Loved your article, thanks for taking the time to explain this oils value. 

    • Teresa M

      Hey Jagi

      That’s a great question. Although I haven’t mentioned a limit on topical use, that doesn’t mean you should use an entire bottle in one go on your skin! Moderation is key.

      The oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, so just a few drops onto the skin per day can soothe inflammation and irritation. The oil is safe to be applied directly without the need of a carrier oil.

      The oil has certain beneficial nutrients that you may not be getting from your diet. Plus, the oil can also be mixed with your health products,  like face creams, shampoos and conditioners. 

      I hope this helps and thanks for reading.

      Peace be with you


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