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What is Herbal Tea?

Let’s get one thing clear….herbal tea is NOT actually a tea as they don’t come from the camellia sinensis, the actual plant that ALL real or ‘true teas’ are made from. Black tea, Green tea, White tea, Yellow tea and Oolong tea are the most common of ‘true teas’.

Camellia Sinensis plant

Camellia Sinensis plant

Herbal Teas are also known as ‘tisane’ (prounounced ‘tea- zahn’), ‘infusion’ or ‘herbal infusion’ or ‘botanical’. More widely used in Europe, ‘tisane‘ is a French term meaning a blending or infusion of dried leaves; roots; flowers; fruits; bark roots; stems or seeds used in a beverage or for medicinal purposes. Put simply, a mixture from a plant other than the camellia sinensis. They generally have lower antioxidant properties than ‘true teas’ with the exception of Lemon Myrtle, Guava and Oregano.

They are made by ‘infusing’ or ‘decocting’, (or in layman’s terms, by boiling or brewing) the dried leaves; roots; flowers; fruits; bark roots; stems or seeds in order to extract the chemicals found in them. These beneficial chemicals can either stimulate, relax or act as a sedative – and in a world where everything is moving so fast, we need just the thing to unwind!


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various dried leaves and fruits to prepare herbal teas

various dried leaves and fruits to prepare herbal teas

Drinking and blending herbal tea dates back almost 3000 years ago,  to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonian times, where it was used for both a refreshing drink and for medicinal purposes. The Greeks, the Romans and ancient Chinese also used it for its obvious health benefits and healing powers. The trend still continues today and there is even more choice in terms of flavours. So, don’t be put off if you didn’t like one that you tried as there’s hundreds to choose from! Being generally caffeine-free, herbal teas can be seen as a more healthier alternative to other drinks that are fizzy, high in calories or full of caffeine. You get the highs without the lows!



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The health benefits of drinking this incredibly powerful drink (when made correctly!) is second to none. Our ancestors have been using herbs for many centuries and along with modern science and research, herbal teas can cure most health conditions and ailments we see today. From high blood pressure to arthritis, colds to headaches and even weight loss to stress – the list is endless! 




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